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Programs in Cusco


The Chakras metabolize life energies from nature. All of our energy comes from five reurces plants and animals water, air sunlight, and biomagnetic energetic. These nutrients go from the most material food, such as animals and plants, to the most ephemeral, pure light and energy. We absorb plant and animal foods and water through the skin, and causay through the chakras. The luminous energies circulate through the chakras just as water and food, the physical energies, course through our bodies. When our digestive track is clogged, we cannot absorb the nutrients in foods. Similarly, when our chakras are blocked, we cannot ingest the causay stores in the Luminous Energy Field.

The chakras extend luminous threads that reach beyond the body, connecting us with trees, rivers, forests, and others people. Our chakras are coupled to our bodies for only a short while. At death they withdraw from the physical body and rejoin the eighth chakra, and our journey continues in the invisible world.

DAY 1. – We meet in Cusco by noon, in the afternoon there will be an optional walking tour of Cusco, but most importantly is that you rest and recover from your long flights, in the evening we’ll gather to meet our fellow travelers and begin to create the “Ayllu”, that will sustain us in our time together.

DAY 2. - In the morning, our bus takes us to Moray, the Earth Temple of the Pachamama, the place where she has been adored for thousands of years. Special ceremony deep in the concentric circles to connect our root chakra, our ability to trust and feel safe to her; the Great Mother who has never left us. Then there is a hike down past ancient salt mines to a delicious dinner in Urubamba, then Back to our hotel in Cusco.

DAY 3.- We visit the ancient fortress of Sacsaywaman a temple to Illapa the Lightning God, and then continue to Amaru Machay, the Cave of the Jaguar and the Serpend, cave of death and new life, bringing this energy of transformation to our Second Chakra, the place of relationship, sexuality and creativity. The Shamans will bless us in a ceremony here.

DAY 4.- From Cusco, we pack up our camping gear and travel to Raqchi, the Temple of Wiraqocha Creator God of All Worlds. We camp in this energy center of divine masculine manifestation, and in ceremony claim this energy for our Third Chakra, the seat of our personal power and ability to manifest our Soul´s purpose in the world.

DAY 5.- After breaking camp, we pack up and visit Tipón, the magical summer gardens of Inca royalty, taking time to cleanse in the sacred fountains and integrate the energetic shifts in our lower three Chakras, return to our hotel in Cusco.

DAY 6 .- We are off to camp once again, this time to the remote and little known temple called Quilla Marca ( home of the moon), once attended by the Inca feminine priestesses of Mama Quilla, Grandmother Moon. In ceremony under the full moon we fill our heart chakra, our emotional center, with the light of this Great Mother. We camp here two nights to take full adventage of this incredible energy vortex.

DAY 8.- After breaking camp, we load up and travel to Ollantaytambo, the most wonderful hotel of the most precious medicine woman ( Doña Julia). She welcomes us with her love and her herbal baths and herbal sauna. Can you imagine? A true time of restoration and integration.

DAY 9.-Using the four elements of earth, water, fire and air , Doña Julia assists us in the cleansing of our Fifth chakra, the seat of our will, in the ancient ruins of Ollantaytambo, the Temple of the Winds.

DAY 10. - Today we take a break in our energy healing work, and enjoy the local culture. We travel to Pisaq to experience the largest and most famous of the local markets, with the best prices for all Peruvian handcrafts. We return to Hotel Munay T´ika for a traditional Peruvian dinner and a celebration with local musicians.

DAY 11.- We travel once again to Pisaq, but this time to honor the sacred mountain called The Apu of the Visionary Falcon, hiking up to ancient ruins where we open our Third eye, our sixth chakra, to the mystery and intuition of this place believed to be a crossing place to the Upper World. Return to Ollantaytambo to our hotel.

DAY 12.-Reluctantly, we say good bye to Doña Julia and board the train to Machu Picchu. We settle into our hotel and then begin our experience with this holy city. There will be an afternoon archeological tour, and evening finds us back in the ruins after the gates close and everyone else has left, for our own night time ceremonies to nourish our seventh chakra, our chakra of connection to Divine consciousness.

DAY 13.- All day stay in Machupicchu, with time for individual meditations and explorations, optional hikes, or time to just be. Optional soak in the hot springs of Aguas Calientes that evening.

DAY 14.- Return to Cusco by train and bus.

DAY 15.- You have free day in the morning. In the afternoon we are closing of our circle and our time together in the Qoricancha

DAY 15.- Early morning flights out of Cusco, back to our homes and villages.

Transfer airport/hotel - hotel/airport.
Bus round trip.
Hotel in Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Aguas Calientes.
Turist ticket.
Ticket to Machupicchu and others arqueological centers.
Bus Ticket ascend and descent to Aguas Calientes.
Ticket round trip of Machupicchu.
Guide: Spanish, English and Portuguess.
Cook and meals.
Camping Equipment.
First aid kid

Sleeping bag.

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